Argan oil cares for hair

Argan oil hair model

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, so it's vitally important that the scalp's condition is maintained with a great hair care program.

The special composition of argan oil which consists of unsaturated fats, sterols, vitamin E and omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, make it one of the most potent oils for both health and beauty.


The fatty acids in particular are of extreme importance to your scalp because they mimic the sebum produced by the sebaceous gland. (which is the fatty substance produced in order to protect the skin and scalp.)

As our hair and scalp is constantly being exposed to impurities and toxins in the environment, it is important to protect these sebums and also encourage the production of more quality sebum.  


It is because of these essential nutrients that the oil is so effective on even severely dry scalps.

It penetrates deeply and faster that most other oils and will not leave your hair or scalp greasy, but will instead leave it soft, shiny and most of all healthy.

Pure argan oil acts as an everyday conditioner, a leave in conditioner and as a highly effective styling agent and serum.


Argan oil can be used on many different hair types as an ideal hair conditioner and for maintaining a healthy scalp.

Unlike many other hair conditioners, argan oil repairs the hair at the root making hair glossy, shiny, frizz and split-end free.



What makes  pure argan oil so special is that it can be applied using different methods, depending on the texture of your hair. When the oil is used correctly on your specific hair type it will nourish and strengthen, offering long term improvements to the quality of your hair. As the oil is so rich in nutrients, immediate benefits are seen and this improves in a short period of time. It's likey that once you have experienced the wondrous benefits to your hair, argan oil will become part of your beauty regime for life. Below are the three main applications of argan oil for hair...

As a leave in conditioner
As a regular conditioner
As a serum

Using a larger quantity of argan oil as a hair mask is a great way to absorb all its benefits overnight. This is recommend for especially dry or frizzy hair that has been damaged by chemicals and heat.


The oil can be applied liberally all over the hair and then wrapped in a shower cap or towel through the night.


When applying, ensure you massage the oil well into your scalp and then gently brush or comb  the oil throughout the rest of your hair.


This method can also be used for a few hours if your hair is not especially dry or frizzy.


Again, it should be washed out with your regular shampoo in warm water, leaving your hair extra smooth, more manageable and shiny.

After shampooing hair, simply massage argan oil into the hair as you would your normal conditioner.


For best results, people with curly, dry or frizzy hair should apply this throughout the whole head, whereas people with straight, thin hair should apply mostly to the bottom half of their hair.


The oil should be left for a few minutes on your hair before rinsing out.


In addition to using argan oil in its pure form as a conditioner you can also simply add it to your favourite conditioner. This won't have as pronounced an effect as using it in its pure form but it will greatly improve your regular conditioner at a fraction of the price of high-end argan infused products.


Soft, glossy hair can be attained instantly when using argan oil as a serum as it repels moisture and prevents frizziness in humidity.

A small amount applied to curly hair can work wonders on defining and strengthening the curls, as well as giving that added shine.


The oil can also be used on straight hair, both before and after the use of straightening irons.


This oil should be used as you would use any other hair serum, ensuring that it is used sparingly on newly styled hair.


Simply apply a small amount onto the palms of your hands and use your palms to smooth the serum over your hair for instant results.


If you have split-ends, massage the oil directly onto the ends to repair and protect from any further damage.