Argan oil cares for nails

Pure argan oil can help give you healthier and more beautiful looking hands and nails.


Nails and cuticles are continuously exposed to damaging external influences. Cold or hot weather can cause dehydration to the cuticles which can leave them dry and brittle, stripping them of their natural oils.


Many people try to take care of their nails by spending money on manicures and pedicures without realising that these procedures can in the long term actually be damaging to the nail and its cuticle. The chemicals used in nail varnish, glue and gels can be severe on nails and the surrounding skin, so it's important to look after, maintain and strengthen the nail.


Like other parts of our body, nails require vitamins and minerals to look and feel healthy. Due to argan oil's high vitamin E and A content, as well as its antifungal properties, results can visibly and quickly be seen on your nails. This is due to the fact that argan oil specifically targets your nail cuticles, softening and repairing the area.


Taking care of the nail cuticles is the most important factor in healthy nail growth, as the nail itself, pulls at the cuticle as it grows.  This means the cuticle has to be strong enough to withstand the tension. Therefore, if the cuticle is healthy, so is the nail. Argan oil can also soothe and heal any broken or cracked skin around the nail area, easing any inflammation and irritation on the skin around your nails.

Argan oil cares for hands

Many of us suffer from the discomfort of dry, itchy and flaky skin, especially in the winter months and find a regular moisturiser is simply not enough to comfort and soothe our hands.


Argan oil is a super moisturiser that not only soothes but actually repairs, heals and protects damaged skin.

This is down to the natural nutrients, unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E that the skin directly absorbs from the oil.


Its anti-oxidants also benefit skin  by preventing oxidative damage from environmental pollution and UV radiation.

Argan oil can also help maintain youthful hands that are soft to the touch.


Many of us will experience age spots and wrinkles on our hands and feel that there is no way to avoid this. Argan oil can slow down this process and reduce the appearance of these spots and smooth away wrinkles. It fights free radicals, naturally restores elasticity, leaving the skin feeling plumper and softer, whilst repairing the cell strength of the skin.

Application to nails

When applying Argan oil to your nails, firstly make sure that your hands are clean to ensure good absorption. A gentle polishing of your nails before application is also recommended to help gain a smooth soft finish. You can use argan oil daily on your nails. We would suggest using it at night-time, just before bed so that the oil can absorb properly and you can enjoy the full benefit in the morning.

Application to hands

The best way to apply Argan oil for the most prominent effects, is by massaging a few drops gently into the skin with moderate pressure, concentrating on the worst affected areas.

This can be done after a shower, after washing dishes, or when skin has become cold and dry from the harsh outdoor elements.

If your hands are particularly sore or cracked, the oil can be applied heavily and gloves can be worn to contain the absorption.

It is always beneficial to remember that the oil is best applied straight after a bath or shower when the skin is still slightly moist and warm, making it easier to penetrate into the skin.

Argan oil hand care
Cosmetic grade argan oil